Hey everyone, I recently made a grid system in css.

For those interested, it is totally fluidic and responsive. And it also supports offsetting( Just like bootstrap’s grid)

Here is the link.

… sound like they are drowning. Seriously.

Have you ever seen people ask for help like this:

gb help

Somehow, stackoverflow’s strict rules seem proper now.

This is a different take on why lectures suck.

Example : My faculty was teaching wt( Web technology[ html, css, javascript and some php ] )

First day

Teacher : Alright people, I am so and so and I am going to teach you all web technology.

Me : ( I hope this class is interesting )

Teacher : … so now open a new txt file and start typing some blah blah

Now try this all in the practicals, Ok?

Me : Shit, this one is going downhill.

5 Minutes later

Teacher : Now use the bg color attr to add background color to your body tag.

Me : What about web standards??? 

Author’s note : Arguing with the teacher is equivalent to arguing with a corpse so I keep mum.

Teacher : Now use the b tag and blah blah

Me : Fascinating, I never knew all this tags existed. Its like taking history classes in html.


Teacher : So expect some tags to not work in internet explorer.


Teacher : blah blah …

Me :

Teacher : And so blah blah …

Me : Spaces off and stares at a random girl’s boobs.

As you can see, I wasn’t taught about history of the html spec, semantics, accessibility and of course, html5 for the whole semester.

College lectures suckass.

Hello everyone

I am shash7 . I am a web designer and developer. I also make maps for games like cs 1.6 in my spare time.

I established this blog primarily to rant about society, level design and other stuff.

Expect some noise soon.