Reddit wallpapers

Date finished: 2018 - current | View Project

This project was made as a technical demo initially to test Nuxtjs + keystonejs and see how much can I automate. Currently, it sifts through hundreds of wallpapers daily and has the ability to filter through 30k wallpapers at the time of this writing.

From checking for 404s to updating metadata, everything is 100% automated. Best of all, it runs on the smallest nodejs instance I've ever provisioned.

#braggingrights #scale #automation


Date finished: 2017 - ongoing | View Project
Wpplugincheck is where I write in-depth reviews of Wordpress Plugins. Think of it as CarAdvice or Motortrends, but for Plugins.

Victoria’s Big Build

Date finished: Early 2018 | View Project
I made this in partnership with the fine folks over at Y&R Melbourne. The bulk of the website as well as the disruptions map was made by me and later wrapped up by the devs over the Christmas break. I was again called in for another project but ended up working on finishing Victoria's Big Build in time for the TV commercials! All animations are custom made by me.


Date finished: Mid 2017 | View Project

I worked on the latest redesign of hockingstuart while at Sense advertising. This was the biggest project I had been handed up to this date.

For this project, each page is broken up into blocks instead of a single template. That means more control over the content. New pages can be cooked up by simply mixing and matching content blocks.

With a project of this size came some massive challenges:

  • Managing content blocks. There are over 20+ content blocks and they are meant to work together
  • Developing the animations for every content block.
  • Reducing pageload and optimizing image content delivery
  • Developing a completely separate look and feel for mobile and tablet devices.

There were setbacks and delays but in the end, we managed to pull off an incredible redesign for hockingstuart.

MAB Corporate

Date finished: July 2017

MAB Corporate was created while I was contracting at Sense Advertising. After having working on hockingstuart and another smaller project, I had a good idea of what bottlenecks the management was facing.

For this project, a lot of resources were spent on making the Wordpress backend more user friendly and reducing the pageload.

To do this:

  • Customized the tables in the backend to display ACF fields.
  • Added a lot of whitelabelling code in the backend
  • Added my own css in the backend to make the ACF Content blocks stand out visually as well as other minor cosmetic differences
  • In the frontend, removed unnecessary scripts added by Wordpress
  • Used img srcset for 90% of the images throughout the website. This means that only smaller sized image are downloaded by mobile users thus reducing pageload and bandwidth for them.
  • Refined build process. Removed Bootstrap's unnecessary styles and removed unused dependencies(Bootstrap's dependencies, used newer version of jQuery, etc)

This lead to an incredibly snappy and easy to maintain website.


Date finished: Late 2016 | View Project

MCC Kew was made while I was contracting at MMR Studio. I fondly remember skateboarding during lunch hours outside the Studio while Bachelors(Or some Australian TV show) was being shot across the street.

This was at that time one of the biggest project I've worked on. Built on Wordpress using ACF and Gravity forms.


Date finished: Circa 2013 | View Project

I made this back when I was in a diploma course in India. Back then, managing color palettes was a pain as well as designing one. And there weren't any decent apps to create a colorpalette in. So I made Colorbook.

Version 1 was released back in 2012. Not satisfied with the design, I refined it and put it up on Redhat hosting(Now on heroku) a year later.

There are many good color palettes webapps right now and colorbook is a bit dated but this tool has served me well over the years.


Date finished: 2015 | View Project
Latest map I made for Counter-Strike 1.6 In case you don't know, in my previous life I used to mod for games like CS 1.6, CS:S, Command & Conquer 3, etc. See my previous works at gamebanana. This project is completely open source and can be foundĀ on my github repo.

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