Winners and losers

  • Pull the rope had a pretty bad launch. I also realized how fickle PH can be. It really matters who hunts your product. Gonna keep working on it as it is quite useful for me.
  • Snapfont is still chugging along. Good news - Chrome webstore finally pushed the update to the store. And with a few tweaks to the permission settings, it gets reviewed consistently within a few hours from now on.

Apart from that, I'll need to get a job soon. Some kind of a temporary job which should be enough to pay my rent.

This time last year I went on the most amazing roadtrip ever. The first 24 hours of that trip, and the circumstances leading up to it was magical. I was hoping to go to Sydney again this time but the damn virus shut down everything.

If there's one thing I learnt from that trip, its this:

"Hey Shash, memories aren't made. You gotta go out and make memories"

Thanks T and V.

About the two goals I set a few months earlier - one of them has been met, and other has been put on a hold. Here's the next goal target:

  • Get $1000 in income from my projects by September this year.

I'm not scrapping the fitness goal, its just put on a hold until the gyms open up.

I also need to rethink what I'm doing with as well as the instagram page I've setup. With the recent successes I'm seeing there's a very real possibility I'll be starting a real business in the next 6 months.

Let's gooo!