Before I go off on my monthly rant, there are only 2 simple goals I have in mind. 1) Get in the best shape possible by feb next year. 2) Start a business and start earning money before the end of this year.

The outcome of the first goal will be a professional photoshoot. For the business goal, it will be earning money, even if its $1.

Alright lets get on to last month's report. got really popular with the Reddit crowd last month. I posted on various subreddits and I didn't expect this much traffic from reddit. The traffic surge made my free Cloudinary credits overflow. Surprisingly, the Nuxtjs server kept happily chugging along without any issues.

Still thinking what next to do with redditwallpapers. Its more than a toy to me at the moment. I think there's a lot of potential with that site.

Other than that, I'm still working out the canvas stuff. Generating high resolution images programmatically from Maptiler tiles is really hard. This is probably the most technically challenging stuff I've ever done.