In case you don’t know, brackets is an open source code editor sponsored by adobe.
Its main agenda is that you can(eventually) code right in the browser but right now it works as a standalone desktop app.

I first heard of brackets a couple of months ago. It had a snappy and minimalistic feel to it which felt great. However, it wasn’t polished enough so that I could ditch dreamweaver.

Now, at the 31st version, it rocks.

Brackets wut?

So its a code editor after all, no big deal. Except it has a cool extension feature where you can download extensions for it directly in brackets. Also, did I mention it has a built in web server(brackets is actually build on nodejs-webkit project)

Here is how it looks all pimped out :


In case you are wondering what that thing in the side is, its that see-your-code-from-10,000-feet feature from sublime text(its an extension actually)

My extensions

These are some of the extensions I use :


Press ctrl+f4 on a line of code to bookmark it. Press f4 to go to the next bookmark. Pretty awesome.

The only problem is that bookmarks are not persistent. Reload brackets and they are gone. Still, pretty useful for that 2000 line+ css file.

Show whitespace

Adds small dots to whitespace so you can check if any empty spaces are left around. 

WD minimap

Add an extra sidebar where you can see a zoomed out preview of your code. Great for coding big files. Sublime text users will have another reason to ditch their editors hehe.

All said, this code editor is gearing up to become an all in one solution for web programming. Granted, it won’t become the next eclipse or visual studio ide but what it does, it does with panache.