Fuck this year, what else can I say!

Alright, swings and misses:

  • This month was somewhat slow. Between contract work and weekend getaways, I didn't get much time for my projects.
  • Work is underway for a big update for UnderlineMe. I've also built a gameplan to keep me occupied till Feb for newer updates.
  • Snapfont will definitely get a new update in Feb too. There's this awesome widget I'm prototyping for Snapfont which will be used for UnderlineMe too.
  • Gym is back in full form! I'm hitting the gym almost everyday and am trying to get 2 sessions in each day. I'm also eating at surplus and have already gained +4 kgs. The goal isn't to simply get ripped again but to make up for lost time.

This month marks the last segment of my 2 year plan. More on this next month.

Anyhow, last year and half went in figuring what to work on. Aptly titled "Throwing stuff on the wall and hoping something sticks". Now I have a much better idea on what to work and I'm already working on my projects.

Next goal is get a sustainable income and establish a solid business out of my projects.