Alright so today’s post starts with an introduction to getting started with openshift, so that I won’t forget how to set it up in the future.

Install ruby > install rhc > set git > create a new app via rhc or the openshift online console > If you haven’t already - setup rhc > Try git clone > if it doesn’t work - rhc sshkey (to generate new keys and upload them automatically) | Or - re-install git and do everything again.

Depending on your current setup, it should take from 10 minutes to 2 days of brain numbing madness.

There was a guy in the beginning. Let’s call him Herb.

Herb is your typical introverted geek who loves to code. He becomes shy in front of strangers and especially girls.

So place this guy in a testosterone filled environment and he goes back in his shell. And that is what exactly happened with him when he found himself in a nightclub on Friday night.

Enter Mark. This guy was a bit short and quite honestly, had nothing special about him. But oh boy was this guy loaded with pizzazz. This guy comes in an hour late but when he comes, holy shit do you see the ladies swooning on him.

And so Mark and Herb were talking in a quiet corner of the club when a sexy Russian walks past by. Mark apparently knows her and he introduces her to Herb. After she walks by, he asks Mark how did he know her to which he replies he doesn’t know her.

“Are you serious”

“Yeah man I have never seen her in my life”

“So why did she talk to you like you know her”

“Because I whispered to her ‘You look really sexy, have you ever been in an orgy?”

At this point, Herb had a wild crazy expression of a person who had just discovered water.

Mark was just grinning, looking at his newest disciple and promptly took him under his wing for the night.