After not actively working on the official strat is to throw stuff on the wall and see if something sticks. Within 3 weeks I've started plus I'm validating a few ideas on the side.

This is what I learnt in the last few years:

  • Before starting anything, validate the idea. See if there's money to be made.
  • My marketing techniques suck, I really need to get in front of people instead of trying to spam forums, blogs, etc.
  • Validate quickly and ruthlessly.

With that doctrine in place, I started with a focus on physical marketing. There's no grand business strategy behind this but the idea was to get out of my rut and start making something. is me taking another stab at affiliate marketing. Again, there's no grand business strategy here(does affiliate businesses even have any kind of deep strategies even?) but the idea is to push forward internet based marketing techniques.

As for the third idea, I'm not sure if it will ever work. The basic idea is to sell photo canvases, ideally of digital art. Currently I'm sussing out a cheap art stall at a gallery or something in Melbourne.