Swings and misses

  • Snapfont Pro is finally in open beta and out now
  • Built UnderlineMe in 2 week's time with a big PH opening
  • Still no update for PullTheRope. I'll need to the cut the cord on this one now. Doesn't mean it was unsuccessful, I just need to find more time for it.

About UnderlineMe - if you've been following so far, I built something which didn't gain much traction and I abandoned it before it went live. Few weeks later I though I could salvage the tech and build a product out of it. UnderlineMe is that product.

The case study of building UnderlineMe is on reddit/r/entrepreneurridealong for future reference.

The best bit? - I've achieved product-market fit with this.

Now onto the bad stuff:

  • While local lockdowns were lessened in early July, they went up after about a week
  • To make matters worse, masks were made compulsory in mid July
  • Just when things couldn't get any worse, the lockdown was extended on August 1st and it because even stricter, with more drastic measures being enforced.

If there's any silver lining to this, if I get successful I can always say I started my biz during the Great Melbourne Lockdowns of 2020.

"All in, or nothing"