Swings and misses:

  • Snapfont has a big update(the Pro version) cooking in the background. No new updates otherwise.
  • Pulltherope still hasn't got any updates yet, although I'm very keen on releasing one soon.
  • Also, I'm officially a fatass now.

There was a expectation that the end of June will ease the restrictions in Melbourne. However that's not the case.

Things are still iffy here. Libraries are not fully open yet. Gyms kick you out after 50 minutes. A few pubs are open but you need to make reservations. Life sucks right now.

This also means I wasn't as productive as I wanted to be at this time. Here's to hoping everything opens up by July end.

In the middle of these updates you may be wondering why am I posting these things online? In the middle of '19 when I was done with my PR application and finally left behind a lot of cruft from my past work, I realized I had wasted a lot of time and started focusing on my business. Problem was, my online business(wpplugincheck) never really worked out, so I had to start from scratch. So I started writing this journal as a means of accountability.

The goal of this journal has always been to get me on my feet running. To force myself to push as hard as possible in as short time period as possible, I've constrained myself to 2 years of maintaining this journal. I'm nearing the end of my first year and it will be good to know what has worked and what hasn't in the next update.

What has been accomplished since the last 12 months?

Finding a good idea to work on. Right now its been Snapfont but who know if I need to change tracks in a few months time.

What's the goal for the next 1 year?

Stability. Get Snapfont(or something else) up and running and create a sustainable business around it.

What after that?

I don't know. The goal is to build a sustainable business. The rest I'll figure out on the way.