Wow, what a month! I'm gonna keep it short

  • Snapfont had a much better launch then expected. Too bad Chrome webstore effectively killed it by not getting it out of review hell soon enough.
  • Working on Pulltherope. Its coming along great and I'm gonna launch it on Windows soon.
  • The world has gone to toast. My bodybuilding plans have been basically vaporized since the pandemic started. Also, the whole freelance/contract industry evaporated overnight.
  • Funny to see how everything happened so quickly. Definitely something to tell the kids about.

Apart from that:

  • I had to get my trusty Camry scrapped off. It died a noble death. RIP camry.
  • I finally moved into my new Southbank apartment. Has a pretty great view ngl.
  • Dopplerping is still moving ahead, abit quite slowly.

Anyways, what does the covid situation mean for me now? For me this is THE time to push as hard as possible on my projects. I'm not gonna let this pandemic ruin my plans.

Alright enough talk. Let's go!