Swings and misses:

  • I was working on a completely different project but deviated at the last moment due to lack of a clear business plan.
  • Pulltherope is pretty static at the moment. However, I'll be releasing a new update in the near future. This still won't support Macs unfortunately but I got some sweet UI ideas I want to implement first.
  • Snapfont is still chugging along, quite wonderfully at the moment. People are still playing with it and I released it on Firefox(finally!) as well as fixed some long standing bugs. Also, bonus points for pushing 3 updates in a single month.

I've got some good ideas about the overall strategy of the next 5 months:

  • Work on pulltherope and getsnapfont only. Don't start anything else.
  • Create 1 longform content piece every 2 months.
  • Create a series of content explaining everything about a particular niche. Then wrap up that whole package under 2 months time as a pdf or something similar.

That's all to it.

This month was my lowest point during these corona times. Confidence is great but every now and then I run out of fuel and feel like a complete donkey. And then the next week kicks in and things are back in full swing again. This time it was pretty bad for a few days.

But hey, legends never die! If there's one thing '18 taught me, it is to keep pushing during these times. One day I hope to look back at this point in my life and feel a sense of pride having come so far.

Let's goooo baby!