Alright big wins, small losses

  • Pulltherope had a big update this month. I've removed monetization and just focusing on growth. This will take some pressure off me as I can't be arsed to support it.
  • UnderlineMe had a really big update this month. I've added some important features which makes it at parity with other highlighter extensions.
  • Started gymming agin(yaa, everything's opening up) but damn I feel like shit with my bellyfat.

Its kinda funny how I feel with being fat. For the first time in my life, I'm consciously aware that I have a belly and it wobbles. Makes me feel really horrible. Once gyms are fully open from next week, its game on. I'm planning on hitting the gym at least twice each day with a 2 day break on the weekends. The goal is to not only get back to where I was, but to make up for lost time over the lockdowns.

Speaking of lockdowns, they are almost over. The Vic government is slowly(abeit terribly slowly) opening everything up again. At this stage, mostly everything is open but with weird restrictions in place. By the 1st week of December, literally everything should be open. Fingers crossed though.

Also, this month marks a important milestone for UnderlineMe. Until now I was playing defensively, with 0 focus on marketing and everything on product development. From now on, its time to go for crazy amounts of growth. Not that development has stopped. But I have to focus more on the marketing side of things.

Go big or go home.