Alright we're in the endgame now. After months of iteration, I've settled on giftedtweets and a browser extension(baptizing yet to be done)

Before I dig deeper lets take a look at the wins:

  • Built the basis of giftedtweets relatively quickly.
  • Started contracting at various places. This is how things were back in '17.
  • Body weight went up and is at 77kg.

By next month:

  • Body weight should go up to 81kg
  • Giftedtweets should be up and ready to go

Back to the Endgame.
Alright so, to be fair, this is the only bullet I've got in the chamber.

  • wakeupbefore8 didn't work out. Gonna restart it at some point this month.
  • My laptop which is literally my lifeline, has battery problems. It may break down(or go up in flames) any time.
  • My car has engine problems. It can break down anytime too.
  • I'm running out of leeway. If giftedtweets doesn't work out, I'll probably need to go look for a job.
  • Plus, I'm running out of time. I got till the end of this year to make this work out. After that, I'll be going to India for a few weeks. Once I come back, there won't be much work around in contracting.

The odds are stacked. But I like to take this positively. What if this works out? It will be the comeback of my life. Something to tell the grandkids about.

Enough prep talk - 54 days remaining, lets get back to work.