• Work on UnderlineMe is still underway. However, I'll need more time to fully complete the product developement arc. Possibly +2 more months.
  • I also started work on a big Pulltherope update. Why? Over the last few months I saw that my personal retention was the highest for this app. I've been using this app multiple times almost every single day. The short term goal is to make it a freemium product.

Lockdowns has eased now. Everything is slowing going back to normalcy. Covid is no move around these parts.

Unfortunately the past 9 months of these lockdowns have come at a very big personal cost.

  • I'm ridiculously unhealthy. Gyms are slowing opening but there are still limitations. I really need to hit the gym, twice a day at least.
  • I also need to get a lot of stuff out of my way. License, dental checkup, medical checkup, etc. Also get a haircut
  • Bank account is not looking too good, nor too bad. I'm taking all contract jobs I can land.

On the plus side:

  • February - made my first dollar
  • March - made $100
  • September - came very close to $1000
  • Launched 3 projects. All of them made me money in some way or another

If there's one thing that's ingrained in me, that is - stop wasting time. Stop wasting it on frivolous pursuits, projects or people.

There are 2 months till the end of this clusterfuck year. Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery.