My mom thinks hacking is illegal; you could go to jail for that.
My friends think hacking means hacking facebook or google (or any other social networking site)
And the world thinks hackers hack bank accounts, credit card systems, etc.

So is it just me who thinks hacking is something elegant like poetry?

My turn now

The first time I was enlightened by hacking was by reading the book hackers, heroes of the computer revolution

Then I read about Richard stallman and Edsger djistra.

Then as I learned about neural networks, digital art and design patterns, I saw that there was an entire generation of people who regarded hacking as something holy, something which is done together and alone, something just …. aarrggg, I can’t put it into words; it is overflowing me.

And then, in the real life, there are all these people who are misunderstanding hacking. Hacking is a skillset, something acquired over time when passion and hard work mix.

And the …

hackers are passionate people who care deeply about what they do. Its just that some people use their talents for causing destruction. Such people are known black hat hackers or simply, assholes.

Then we have a bunch of people who actively try to find out who the bad guys are using their skills. They are known as white hat hackers. I have seen young hackers getting recruited by the police for their IT and cyber crime department.

And then we have people like you and me, people who hack away just for the sake of it. Right now, I am coding a webapp with nirvana blasting in the background, oblivious to what is happening around me.