I’ve made some major changes to this blog

  • Changed fonts to Karla.
  • Added photoset support via https://github.com/stylehatch/photoset-grid
  • Modified the particle effect and added a light blue overlay on top of the blog.
  • Made photoset posts extra wide on mobile and made the overall width of the blog to 82% for mobile devices.
  • Other minor changes.

Photoset is a great way to set images in tumblr. Just drag the images and they will adjust in a grid layout. Right now, I am posting old photos from my previous trips just because they look so fantastic on my blog.

MYOB sucks. Their database design is the worst, using Y and N in some places to denote boolean values. They also don’t have a sql database. It looks like some sort of a no-sql database cobbered together under 12 hours.

Also, they don’t support joins. Understandable as they don’t implement an sql database BUT the api they expose mimics an sql database. This leads to all sorts of inconsistencies and fuckups.

In the next couple of weeks lightgrid will go through a massive overhaul. There are some basic things lightgrid is missing which are present in other frameworks. Right now it seems like all frontend frameworks are comparing themselves against bootstrap.

Now I’ve never been a fan of bootstrap. It is clunky, bloated and packed with unnecessary styles. That being said, we made a decision at the agency I work at to remove all the unecessary includes from bootstrap. This is actually a good solution as the grid system bundled along with it is one of the best but the extra styles are unnecessary and add a lot of bloat.

Back to lightgrid, these are the things to implement now:

  • Make the grid system like bootstrap’s but remove the container requirement and use calc() for the gutter instead of padding
  • Use the newer normalize.css and hook up more configurable variables to it.
  • Research into a flexbox based grid system(won’t be released in the earliest 3.x.x release though)
  • Add better media queries(again, based on bootstrap’s breakpoints)

Almost forgot I joined True Agency in late august.

Its been fantastic working for them. Probably the biggest change is that I am working on wordpress and php after a long time and it doesn’t feel so bad using it.