I hate to say this but in my hometown there is no decent library. Most of my time scourging through books is spent online.

Over time, I have read many quality books on programming in general. This is one list I wanted to share with you since a long time.


Coders at work by Peter seibel

This one is more of an interview book than an actual programming book. Peter gathers twelve of the greatest programmers of our time and shares their experience with us.

The passionate programmer by chad fowler

This book is pretty awesome. Chad fowler tells us this share of experience in the IT industry.

The nature of code by Daniel shiffman

Available for free, this book starts of with simple game physics 101. Before you know, Daniel shuffles off into hardcore territory by explaining genetic algorithms, neural networks and the like. Best of all, it comes with lots of code example, all done with processingjs so you can see it in the browser.


Getting real by 37signals

Steve jobs would have loved this book. The ideas contained in this book may seem a bit radical but they are all practical and useful nonetheless.

This book is available for free.

Rework by 37signals

This books is essentially an extension to Getting real but with more panache.

The 10 day MBA by Steven silbiger

I have heard that many wannabe entrepreneurs are recommended this book. Whether you are involved business or not, this one is a great read.

Programming books

The art of programming language by Donald knuth

This is the holy bible of all great programmers. It contains lots of hardcore algorithms which may confuse all but the most passionate programmer.

And speaking of which, this book is big. In fact, it is so big that they had to divide it into a group of smaller(but still big) books.

Why’s poignant guide to ruby by Why

I will be frank here, I don’t really like ruby that much. But what makes this book different is that Why(he is really mysterious) made it with so much passion that it feels that sometimes a mad man is teaching you to program using a series of cartoon stripes(but in a good way)

This book is available for free.

Javascript books

Because most of my work is on javascript, I will recommend some good js books.

Javascipt: the good parts by Douglas crockford

Written by javascript’s leading authority, this books teaches some pretty cool tricks and tells us how to write better code.

Javascript design patterns by Addy osmani

This book is probably the best reference book on js. Not for beginners, this book contains lots of design patterns along with great code examples.

Best of all, this book is available for free.

That’s all for now folks.