I am an avid reader of webcomics. I have been reading some of these since the last three years. Here is a list of them:

  • Smbc


    This is probably the best comic ever made. You will love this if you have an appetite for geeky humor.

  • XKCD


    One of the most popular webcomics, xkcd has been running strong for years. Also, check out the what if section.

  • Cyanide and happiness


    This one is pretty nsfw. Just remember to put your brains aside and you will be fine. Also, check out the shorts section, they are pretty rad, especially, sad larry.

  • Ctrl + alt + del (CAD)


    I used to read this one before. Cad follows the story of a young geek who plays video games and during the 6+ years of its existence, opens up his own video game shop, marries his girlfriend and makes a robot out of his xbox.

That’s all folks! Tell me if you read any interesting webcomics or make your own.