As a level designer, I am constantly frustrated by how laggy and shitty software steam is.

The biggest problem is that even though it is 8+ years old, it is still as buggy as when hl2 was released.

Imagine this: I was making a map for l4d2. I started the compile process and the compiler showed progress in cli mode. i wondered what happened because normally it doesn’t show progress in cli mode.

Then it stopped. I patiently waited for over 15 minutes. Then I restarted steam. Turned out, stupid steam was updating the game. Even after updating, my maps weren’t getting compiled. Sick of it, I started playing bfbc2.

Even nowadays, steam still has a lot of unresolved bugs, Offline mode doesn’t work properly.

Steam sometimes crashes randomly( Although it crashes very rarely these days)

Valve games update more frequently. Its Not a good sign. When I login to steam after a long time, all my games are getting updated. Its quite sickening, frankly.

Steam is a great piece of software. Unfortunately, it’s potential can only be harnessed if you have a good internet connection and a good computer.