Its been a long time since I have updated this blog. Exams, work and other stuff have been taking my spare time away from me.



Exams are over and I am going out for my vacation. Thank god about that.


I am making a map for cs 1.6

The color palette of this map is red/rusty red with white highlights. It looks pretty cool with its industrial style.

Other than that, I am working on a webapp on nodejs again. Its supposed to be a cross of forums and chat groups. Essentially, public chat groups.


The future of web apps

I honestly believe mozilla is going to lead the future of web apps. A future where you will only download the required files to be able to run apps, games, etc on your browsers. And as browsers get faster, webapps will get bigger and better.

The only problem which is my personal opinion is that this is going to take a lot of time, possibly four years for webapps to go mainsteam.

And also on the success rate of firefox os.


The buck won’t stop here. I know apple redesigned their mobile interface and every well known designer is screaming blood. But they need time to adjust their ui/ux. Give them a couple of months and they will polish their interface.

Skeuomorphism vs flat

This is not actually a debate. There was never any rivalry between the two groups. Both have their advantages.

Its just  that in this digital age where screen size is precious, people are ditching skeuomorphism in favor of flat design. But flat design is harder to make because you need to double the amount of work to guide the user.

Oh well, just when box shadow and radial gradient was getting compatible ….