College education sucks?
Well it does
Read on.

Class test

So I was giving a test online on java when a question popped up like this:

8) System.out.print(“finally”);

What will it print?


  1. “Final”
  2. Shows up compile error
  3. Runs successfully

My reaction : Dafuq!?

So I called the faculty to ask what the question means. She said it won’t print and exit because the you didn’t put that statement inside the main function.

I seriously wanted to bang my head on the desk that day.

Some people

At college, I help out quite a lot of people. Now, during our innovative assignment week, everyone had to make a simple login system.

They asked me from where to download templates. I told them html templates suck but they should try building sites from frameworks like bootstrap or zend.

A few days later, my friend asks me to help out with his code. And he shows me this:

<b class=“text_underline_white” >

Also, later on

<a style=“text-decoration:none”>


Keep in mind that all a tags in all the html pages were made like this.