My workplace.


On the right is a panasonic headphone. They are pretty cool and I like their vintage aviator looks. Good for some late night gaming and coding sessions.

Then there is standard microsoft mouse. I don’t play as much games as I used to play back in the days so this mouse probably symbolizes that.

On the left is a scale on which ‘S7’ is imprinted. You can’t see from here but its there.

Then there is a nokia X1 which I still use. And an ipod 3g.

I have clipped a stack of graph pages on a board. This is where I (mainly) sketch my user interfaces.

Here is a sketch from my current project :


Then  there is a razor blackwidow keyboard underneath the desk (you can see the light) and the cover of my ipad on the left.

Other than that, I have a custom build pc on the right and a shitty router on the left.