I refer to the last three weeks of my semester as ‘assignment weeks’ and this week was one. Other than being boring, I also suffered from coder’s block.

But the one thing which doesn’t stop me is reading. Aside from playing games, that is.

Good reading resources

  1. Coding horror’s blog posts
    I love coding horror but this time, it looks like I am going to read all blog posts by the end of this week.

  2. The nature of code by daniel shiffman
    This e-book is free for online reading. The book starts off by teaching various game physics concepts but by the end of this book, you will learn topics like neural networks, cellular automata, etc.
    Really great stuff.

  3. Paul graham’s essays

  4. _Why'g poignant guide to ruby
    I never had the time to complete reading this wonderful book. Really, this should be the K&R book for ruby.

  5. Lurking on Dribbble

  6. Lurking on behance

Other than that, its a boring week :(