What a comeback!

  • Made my first sale!
  • Got a few last minute contracts in to save my broke ass.
  • Snapfont browser extension locked in for Christmas!
  • Weight increased to 78! Had to stop at this point, was getting bloated.
  • Restarted wakeupbefore8.

One thing that has been hammered into me since the last few months is that - in order to live the life I always wanted, I'll need discipline.

Yee boi. Basically I picture myself running a few businesses, being fit and healthy and travelling heaps - around this island for now. Now running a business is hard. The first 1-2 years are gonna be brutal. But if I want to live my life like this, I'll need to get my shit sorted. That means waking up early, giving my 100% in the gym, eating clean, going out on the weekends and working rest of the time.

Alright so, my first goal is accomplished(kinda). The second goal is to get in a good shape.

By good, I mean start looking like a fucking Calvin Klein model. To get to this shape, I've gone back to my trainer Paul to get a new gym program and diet plan organized. This time around, he has set the goal really high. For example, the average repetitions per set are 50.

Yes 50.

This doesn't mean I've let loose with giftedtweets and snapfont. It just means I gotta work my ass out this month to train hard and work hard.

Alright, 1 month to go. Let's do this.