Short answer :

But the fact that people are using different domain name extensions for branding tells a lot about where the current trend is going.

Example :,,,,, etc.

But why are people taking such steps?
It seems that domain name squatters are the problem here.

Oh why me?

Last year, I was going to buy a domain. I had already checked out its availability and made a logo out of the name. Soon afterwards, when I went to purchase the domain, I found out that some squatter had already got the domain. The time period between me finding the domain and seeing it purchased was about one month.
And it redirected to (assholes)

What lesson did I learn?
Well, first of all, purchase the domain first. Second, go for something other than .com.

Because most of the good domains are already in the hands of the squatters. I fear all keyboard permutations upto three digits are already taken and all dictionary words upto at least four characters are taken as well.

And because all the good domain names are taken, good domain names combined with domain name extensions make up for good branding.
The only problem is that google doesn’t give other domain extensions the same level of importance it gives to .com

Closing thoughts

The problem of domain name squatters is already is a real one . ICANN, the body behind domain name extensions proposes releasing more extensions which will only elevate the problem.
It seems that only by taking some strict actions against the hoarders will solve this problem. Until then, other domain extensions like .io, .er, .me, etc seem like good choice.

.io seems like a good extension. I have seen it in a lot of webapps and it does look cool. Now all we need is a .js extension :P

Edit : it seems there are some people who don’t know what grief domain hoarding causes.

I am an avid reader of webcomics. I have been reading some of these since the last three years. Here is a list of them:

  • Smbc


    This is probably the best comic ever made. You will love this if you have an appetite for geeky humor.

  • XKCD


    One of the most popular webcomics, xkcd has been running strong for years. Also, check out the what if section.

  • Cyanide and happiness


    This one is pretty nsfw. Just remember to put your brains aside and you will be fine. Also, check out the shorts section, they are pretty rad, especially, sad larry.

  • Ctrl + alt + del (CAD)


    I used to read this one before. Cad follows the story of a young geek who plays video games and during the 6+ years of its existence, opens up his own video game shop, marries his girlfriend and makes a robot out of his xbox.

That’s all folks! Tell me if you read any interesting webcomics or make your own.

As a web developer, perfection can mean many things. Is the code perfectly valid or semantically correct?
Is any link broken. Or does this sidebar break in ie6 ?

After a long coding session, my stomach started growling

I decided to get some biting so I headed outside I went to my local food stall to get some pulav

Now I know this pulav guy for more than 10 years. He makes fantastic pulav and bhajipav. Refined by years of making the same stuff, he adds only the required ingredients and makes near perfect pulav.

Then it suddenly hit me. The pulav wasn’t perfect, it was perfect for me.


So does making perfectly valid sites indicate perfection. Perfection is based on perception which is different for everyone. Design a site and refine it until ‘you’ find it perfect.

I was quite unsatisfied with my tumblr theme so I started to make one from scratch. This is how it went.

Early on, I found out that making a theme for quite easy. It had a moustache like syntax for adding template blocks in your html. I also discovered that tumblr had some pretty rough limitations on how you can make themes.

For instance, I cannot upload static assets on tumblr. Heck, there is no ftp facility.

But at the same time, tumblr themes are lean and powerful. Consisting of only one html page, you can make a lot of stuff if you want to.

Stumbling along

First, I mapped out the limitations of my theme. Assets would be stored on dropbox, Fonts will be delivered via google webfonts and only the html will be copied over on tumblr.

Then I started designing. I realised there was a reason why dev blogs on tumblr are so minimalistic. So I started designing on the principles of less-is-more.

shash7 site preview

Preview of an initial prototype.

Fast forward to some days later when I grew frustrated by my design. The initial site was a single column page but it just didn’t fit in my head.

I threw everything away and started again. But there were a lot of problems in designing the grid and the right typographic combination. Finally I settled on using montserrat as a heading font and the evergreen georgia as the body font.


I started making some headway. I figured out the content is the king then why shouldn’t it come in the center (Because originally the layout was one column). Unlike traditional sites, the header is on the left and the sidebar is on the right. This gives the content lots of breathing space and looks fabulous, especially on tablets.

Then I started implementing the baseline. Boy was this tough. This was the first time I had paid such attention to typography. But it payed off in the end. Everything started making sense.

As for responsive web design, the columns were simply given a width of 90% on less than 768px viewports.


Did it work?

Absolutely. This is the first time I have implemented baseline strictly in my design. Also, the layout is paying off as the UX is really great and navigating the site is a breeze.

Now onto making some blog posts …

Ever wondered what is common between coding, composing music and painting?
You need a highly refined skillset to work in one of these fields.

Except programming that is. Nowadays, engineering colleges are churning out engineers. Problem is; these engineers don’t have an ounce of passion for their craft.

And that is where the problem comes. To excel in one of these fields, you need to be passionate. Which only 0.2 percent of engineers from these so called reputed colleges come.

But this is not what I want to talk about. Coding is like composing music or writing poetry. Sometimes it can be elegant and sometimes it can be infuriating.

But when you make a software, you are leaving you mark on this world although in a very small way.

Think about it. If you are an engineering student, you won’t have created anything new; just some spec work made on top of other people’s work.

But when you actually create something and see other people use it, the experience can be exhilarating. Its like giving life to something.

And that’s why whenever I start coding in javascript, I always start out with var App = {};

Recently, I have been reading a lot of paul graham’s essays. His articles make opening a startup a breeze.

What bothers me is that the majority of the people don’t live in a silicon valley type of environment. Also, they can’t afford to go there either as they have other commitments like school, college, jobs, etc.

The fact is, we need more firms like Y combinator in every city. Also, political support is needed for startups to grow and take root.

Then, in a few years we can probably expect startups like airbnb, loopt, etc to grow organically and attract other startups, VCs, angel investors, etc.


As a level designer, I am constantly frustrated by how laggy and shitty software steam is.

The biggest problem is that even though it is 8+ years old, it is still as buggy as when hl2 was released.

Imagine this: I was making a map for l4d2. I started the compile process and the compiler showed progress in cli mode. i wondered what happened because normally it doesn’t show progress in cli mode.

Then it stopped. I patiently waited for over 15 minutes. Then I restarted steam. Turned out, stupid steam was updating the game. Even after updating, my maps weren’t getting compiled. Sick of it, I started playing bfbc2.

Even nowadays, steam still has a lot of unresolved bugs, Offline mode doesn’t work properly.

Steam sometimes crashes randomly( Although it crashes very rarely these days)

Valve games update more frequently. Its Not a good sign. When I login to steam after a long time, all my games are getting updated. Its quite sickening, frankly.

Steam is a great piece of software. Unfortunately, it’s potential can only be harnessed if you have a good internet connection and a good computer.

Hey everyone, I recently made a grid system in css.

For those interested, it is totally fluidic and responsive. And it also supports offsetting( Just like bootstrap’s grid)

Here is the link.