This month was extremely slow due to my lease transfer. So my lease expired on 28th Feb and I'm shifting to the new place on 15th March. The two weeks leading up to the vacate date were hectic. Plus I can't wait to move into my new place. Till then I'm crashing at my sister's place - which is in the middle of nowhere.

Anyways, onto this month's progress.

  • Softlaunched Snapfont. Still need to do heaps on the marketing front.
  • Dopplerping is making good progress. At this rate, I can launch it in April
  • Got back in shape after India trip. I'm still far away from my goal but I'm making good progress. That's delayed too - I'm aiming for the photoshoot in April.

Apart from that, life's looking great.

I'm lowkey disappointed by how few views this song has got. If you're looking for a new gym anthem, here's your song.

2020 is upon us. A couple of things:

  • I actually regressed diet-wise. India spoilt me badly. I came back to Melbourne with an additional 5kgs.
  • My body shape isn't too bad though. I reckon I'll need an extra month to reach my ideal body fat percentage. I should be there by April.
  • Snapfont is live but I still need to market it. Gonna start on it right away
  • Dopplerping is the next idea I'm working on.
  • eCommerce really isn't my cup of team. I've spent a lot of time, money and energy but I can't stick with it. In the end, it's also about taking risks and realizing what's not working for you.
  • I may kickstart eCommerce again. My main pain points were the whole logistics and shipping stuff. Basically the irl stuff.

This is on for the next few months:

  • Get in shape for the photoshoot. There are only 2 months left to do this.
  • Get my financials in order. If there isn't much work around in contracting I'll need to get a part-time job.
  • Push fully on the Snapfont and Dopplerping project.

And some pain points too:

  • My car is in bad shape. It can break down anytime. I'll need to get a new one soon.
  • We may need to vacate our apartment where I've been living for the last 5 years. This is because my flatmate is moving out with his wife and we can't find a third tenant.
  • The apartment one is big because it will be extremely hard to get a new one because I don't have a full-time job.

Oh but hold on. I'm saving the best for last.

I finally got my PR!

This means a lot to me. I can finally make long term plans from now on. This officially marks the start of my 2 year journey into entrepreneurship.

The next 2 years are gonna be awesome!

Last leg of 2019, lets go!

So I finally soft launched Snapfont. Pretty proud of how smooth the plugin turned out to be. That was the only work-related news I've got. Apart from that, I've been cutting aggressively diet-wise. Need to get into shape fast.

I can't wait to be reunited with my homies for the new year!

What a comeback!

  • Made my first sale!
  • Got a few last minute contracts in to save my broke ass.
  • Snapfont browser extension locked in for Christmas!
  • Weight increased to 78! Had to stop at this point, was getting bloated.
  • Restarted wakeupbefore8.

One thing that has been hammered into me since the last few months is that - in order to live the life I always wanted, I'll need discipline.

Yee boi. Basically I picture myself running a few businesses, being fit and healthy and travelling heaps - around this island for now. Now running a business is hard. The first 1-2 years are gonna be brutal. But if I want to live my life like this, I'll need to get my shit sorted. That means waking up early, giving my 100% in the gym, eating clean, going out on the weekends and working rest of the time.

Alright so, my first goal is accomplished(kinda). The second goal is to get in a good shape.

By good, I mean start looking like a fucking Calvin Klein model. To get to this shape, I've gone back to my trainer Paul to get a new gym program and diet plan organized. This time around, he has set the goal really high. For example, the average repetitions per set are 50.

Yes 50.

This doesn't mean I've let loose with giftedtweets and snapfont. It just means I gotta work my ass out this month to train hard and work hard.

Alright, 1 month to go. Let's do this.

Alright we're in the endgame now. After months of iteration, I've settled on giftedtweets and a browser extension(baptizing yet to be done)

Before I dig deeper lets take a look at the wins:

  • Built the basis of giftedtweets relatively quickly.
  • Started contracting at various places. This is how things were back in '17.
  • Body weight went up and is at 77kg.

By next month:

  • Body weight should go up to 81kg
  • Giftedtweets should be up and ready to go

Back to the Endgame.
Alright so, to be fair, this is the only bullet I've got in the chamber.

  • wakeupbefore8 didn't work out. Gonna restart it at some point this month.
  • My laptop which is literally my lifeline, has battery problems. It may break down(or go up in flames) any time.
  • My car has engine problems. It can break down anytime too.
  • I'm running out of leeway. If giftedtweets doesn't work out, I'll probably need to go look for a job.
  • Plus, I'm running out of time. I got till the end of this year to make this work out. After that, I'll be going to India for a few weeks. Once I come back, there won't be much work around in contracting.

The odds are stacked. But I like to take this positively. What if this works out? It will be the comeback of my life. Something to tell the grandkids about.

Enough prep talk - 54 days remaining, lets get back to work.

^Free Animal By Foreign Air | I was gonna link their video but it was hyper edgy so I decided to go with JohnnyFPV's version.

September was a pretty good month, with a lot of actionable stuff taking place.

  • Actually went to The MCG and tried to sell digital artwork!(See my insta for more details)
  • Contracting is back in action! Started working just like the good 'ol times. I'm really happy about this right now.
  • Gave a talk at Melbjs which was pretty good. Still need to work on my delivery.
  • Started wakeupbefore8 to keep me accountable to start my day early.
  • (Almost) started selling on Etsy.

This month will be focused on a few mini-goals.

  • Get fat - 80kgs to be precise. If I don't push myself this month, my fitness goal will be severely delayed. Currently I'm 74kgs.
  • Do more growth hacks and validate ideas quickly.
  • Start an etsy/shopify store and start selling canvas artworks. Even if I don't make any money, that's fine. I just need to setup the store and kick the marketing engine in gear.

Alright, let's rock and roll.

Before I go off on my monthly rant, there are only 2 simple goals I have in mind. 1) Get in the best shape possible by feb next year. 2) Start a business and start earning money before the end of this year.

The outcome of the first goal will be a professional photoshoot. For the business goal, it will be earning money, even if its $1.

Alright lets get on to last month's report. got really popular with the Reddit crowd last month. I posted on various subreddits and I didn't expect this much traffic from reddit. The traffic surge made my free Cloudinary credits overflow. Surprisingly, the Nuxtjs server kept happily chugging along without any issues.

Still thinking what next to do with redditwallpapers. Its more than a toy to me at the moment. I think there's a lot of potential with that site.

Other than that, I'm still working out the canvas stuff. Generating high resolution images programmatically from Maptiler tiles is really hard. This is probably the most technically challenging stuff I've ever done.

After not actively working on the official strat is to throw stuff on the wall and see if something sticks. Within 3 weeks I've started plus I'm validating a few ideas on the side.

This is what I learnt in the last few years:

  • Before starting anything, validate the idea. See if there's money to be made.
  • My marketing techniques suck, I really need to get in front of people instead of trying to spam forums, blogs, etc.
  • Validate quickly and ruthlessly.

With that doctrine in place, I started with a focus on physical marketing. There's no grand business strategy behind this but the idea was to get out of my rut and start making something. is me taking another stab at affiliate marketing. Again, there's no grand business strategy here(does affiliate businesses even have any kind of deep strategies even?) but the idea is to push forward internet based marketing techniques.

As for the third idea, I'm not sure if it will ever work. The basic idea is to sell photo canvases, ideally of digital art. Currently I'm sussing out a cheap art stall at a gallery or something in Melbourne.