Before I go off on my monthly rant, there are only 2 simple goals I have in mind. 1) Get in the best shape possible by feb next year. 2) Start a business and start earning money before the end of this year.

The outcome of the first goal will be a professional photoshoot. For the business goal, it will be earning money, even if its $1.

Alright lets get on to last month's report. got really popular with the Reddit crowd last month. I posted on various subreddits and I didn't expect this much traffic from reddit. The traffic surge made my free Cloudinary credits overflow. Surprisingly, the Nuxtjs server kept happily chugging along without any issues.

Still thinking what next to do with redditwallpapers. Its more than a toy to me at the moment. I think there's a lot of potential with that site.

Other than that, I'm still working out the canvas stuff. Generating high resolution images programmatically from Maptiler tiles is really hard. This is probably the most technically challenging stuff I've ever done.

After not actively working on the official strat is to throw stuff on the wall and see if something sticks. Within 3 weeks I've started plus I'm validating a few ideas on the side.

This is what I learnt in the last few years:

  • Before starting anything, validate the idea. See if there's money to be made.
  • My marketing techniques suck, I really need to get in front of people instead of trying to spam forums, blogs, etc.
  • Validate quickly and ruthlessly.

With that doctrine in place, I started with a focus on physical marketing. There's no grand business strategy behind this but the idea was to get out of my rut and start making something. is me taking another stab at affiliate marketing. Again, there's no grand business strategy here(does affiliate businesses even have any kind of deep strategies even?) but the idea is to push forward internet based marketing techniques.

As for the third idea, I'm not sure if it will ever work. The basic idea is to sell photo canvases, ideally of digital art. Currently I'm sussing out a cheap art stall at a gallery or something in Melbourne.

After a gruelling 2018 when I was working 7 day weeks and had zero to no social life, 2019 started with a bang then a thud. My PR application kept getting delayed and the dates kept slipping.

But now in mid 2019, I have my own office space, I am in the best shape of my life so far and the PR application is nearly done. From now on things are going to get better. What better to do then to kickstart this blog.

From now on, I'll be posting monthly updates on my projects. This will help me keep account of my progress so far.
One day I hope to read these blog posts and see how far I've gone.

Until then, its time to hustle.

Recently I embarked on a new revision of my tumblr theme. This one has more specific css geared towards individual pages.

However I discovered that tumblr has been injecting ~1.5mbs of crap scripts. Yeah that’s right - and you have no control over it. Not only that but I have been using the tumblr dashboard since the last three years and there has been no change it the developer tools, or theme tags.

Yessir we’re all using the same tools to develop and design tumblr themes since pre 2014. This sucks.
And so the executive decision has been made. I am moving my blog away from tumblr and on to wordpress.

There are couple of good reasons for this:

  • More control over the website
  • Excellent SEO tools and plugins from the wp community
  • No more crap scripts and shit getting in the way
  • More control over how content is served
  • And much more..

Having said that I’ll miss tumblr’s dashboard.

Seems like I keep getting more inquiries on picking programming as a career choice from the young'uns as I get older.

The most common question I have heard is “Are the prospects good for IT right now?”. Now I would like to cringe and show the other person my middle finger but being well versed in the arts of social jiu jitsu I hold my firm as I tell them(usually) why would they even ask me that if its their passion.

But I digress. Lets move on to the mudda.

Pros of being a programmer

  • Pretty sweet salary. Can live off comfortably even while working part time.
  • You can ideally find work anywhere in the world if you’re good enough.
  • The world is your digital oyster! Hack around IOT stuff, make a webapp to plan your schedule. Having an in-depth technical knowledge about IT stuff helps a lot nowadays.
  • Much more easier to become a programmer. Tons of (free)resources are available online.

Cons of being a programmer

  • Its unhealthy. Sitting in front of a computer every day for the rest of your life will eventually fuck up your back/arms/eyes etc.
  • The community which is friendly, is too PC. Make of that what you will.
  • Not a lot of good rolemodels in the industry.
  • You will need to invest a lot of time on a semi-regular basis just to catch up with the new stuff being created by the community.

Note: All this won’t apply if you don’t like programming.

function(comments) { {

If the code above is enough to send you running for the hills, programming is a bad career choice.

I am no expert on this topic. I am giving my wisdom on whatever experience I have gathered in the last five years. It will be interesting to see my thoughts on this topic about 2-4 years from now.